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Welcome To Aquariums West
The Fine Art of Urban Pet Care

Aquariums West has been experiencing the many colours and seasons of Vancouver's West End and Yaletown since 1980.  Our 5,000 square foot location at the foot of Robson Street next to Terry Fox Plaza, specializes in quality freshwater fish, aquatic plants, saltwater reef aquariums, captive raised reptiles and small animals.  We receive fresh shipments of tropical fish from all over the world and  Aquatic plants from Denmark every week.

A great deal of care, time and effort goes into the selection of our livestock and we attempt to supply the best that is available to us.  Our goal at Aquariums West is to share our passion and knowledge of the animals we carry and encourage the keeping of aquatics and exotics in environments that closely replicate their natural environment. 

Aquariums West is offering the full range of
Tropica Plant Care Products, Tropica 1 2 GROW! Plants, Fluval Aquarium Sets, Red Sea Reef Aquariums and the full range of the Red Sea additives and conditioners on our shopping cart website. We carry thousands of products in our Beatty Street location which are not all listed here. If there is something that you are looking for, email and we'll check to see if we have it.

If you are looking for inspiration, visit our store and see all the gorgeous freshwater and saltwater displays.

Just Imagine...
...a beautiful underwater landscape inspired by nature and designed by you, framed inside a crystal clear glass box where the fish appear to be birds in the sky. Aquariums West has all the tools, live aquatic plants, tropical fish, layout materials, beautiful aquariums, saltwater cultured corals and much, much more to help you with creating your underwater "Aquatic Art" whether saltwater or freshwater. Fresh shipments of aquatic plants arrive weekly all the way from the Tropica nurseries in Denmark which are now available for purchasing online anywhere in Canada. We are so excited to have a steady supply of the best aquarium plants in the World!

Come on down to see what all the fuss is about! Learn how to design an aquatic piece of art the Aquariums West way!

Red Sea Max S 650 LED Black Red Sea Max S 500 LED Black
Our Price: $9,311.99
Our Price: $8,031.99
Red Sea S 650 LED
Red Sea S 500 LED
Tropica Plant Growth System Nano CO2 Set Tropica 60 CO2 Set
Our Price: $154.99
Our Price: $19.99
Tropica Plant Growth System Nano CO2 Set
Tropica 60 CO2 Set
Tropica CO2 Diffuser 3-in-1 Tropica CO2 Ceramic Disc
Our Price: $15.99
Our Price: $8.29
Tropica CO2 Ceramic Disc
Tropica Plant Growth System Nano CO2 Set
Tropica Plant Growth System Nano CO2 Set replacement disc